Orthopedic Dry Needling

iStock_000015132810Large_WebAs chiropractors, our goal is to identify and correct abnormal joint function. The Activator technique and instrument allows us to do this exceptionally well. Patients get tremendous relief and feel so much better when their alignment is balanced. By combining Orthopedic Dry Needling with Activator adjustments, we can more effectively reduce inflammation and pain and allow the injured area to return to normal function much more quickly.

Sprain/strains, poor posture, auto and worker compensation accidents, and repetitive motions like working on a laptop or frequent texting causes the muscles, tendons and ligaments to become unbalanced and spasm, leading to the abnormal movement of the joint. Conventional approaches like ultrasound only penetrate the superficial layer of the soft tissues and does little to actually relax the underlying soft tissue spasm. By inserting a dry needle wire in the problem tissue, (IntraTissue Stimulation – ITS) we can affect that tissue in a very positive and profound way, relaxing the tissue whether it be ligament, tendon or muscle.