Activator Chiropractic

 “Even though my friend is in pain, she won’t make an appointment because she is afraid of having her neck or back twisted.”

We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard patients make that comment about regular chiropractic adjustments.

The advanced science and technology used in the Activator Technique provides you with greater safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Pain relief has never been safer or more pleasant.

The Activator

A small hand held instrument called an Activator is used to gently restore proper alignment and motion to the vertebrae of your spine. The unique design of the Activator is responsible for the extraordinary safety and comfort of the Activator Technique.

The Activator gently aligns your vertebrae using only 6-16 lbs. of force. Other adjusting methods use as much as 66 lbs. of force on the neck and 120 lbs. on the low back.

The high speed of the Activator (1/50 sec.) eliminates the need to twist and bend your neck or back.

You never have to worry about injury or pain caused by the doctor using too much or too little adjusting force. The Activator produces the exact amount of speed and force required each and every time.

Activator Adjustments

Adjustments are performed on a comfortable adjusting table that automatically lowers and returns you to an upright position.

After the table is lowered, Dr. Mosenthal and Dr. Greenwood use an advanced system of orthopedic and neurological tests to examine your neck, back, arms, and legs for areas of impaired nerve function and misalignment. These painless tests allow the doctors to quickly and accurately locate the source of your problem.

To correct problems in your spine or extremities, the doctors place the soft rubber tip of the Activator on the area to be adjusted and squeeze the handle. You feel a gentle “tap” and the adjustment is over. Getting rid of your pain is that simple. Our first time patients often express amazement at how effective and gentle the adjustments are.


Chiropractors who complete specialized training and testing requirements for the Activator Technique are certified as Proficiency or Advanced Proficiency Rated. Dr. Todd Mosenthal is the Upper Valley’s only certified Activator chiropractor. Certification is your proof of competency in the use of this advanced chiropractic technique – insist on it.

Many patients travel to our office from surrounding areas around the Upper Valley because we’re able to achieve results where others have failed.

Take the first step towards getting rid of your pain. Call (603) 536-5885 and schedule an appointment. Pain relief is just a phone call away.